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Friday 29 April 2022

Netflix Versus Hulu - Which One Could be the Best Choice for You?

Let's talk about Netflix Vrs Hulu and which one could be the best choice for you. Both netflix and hulu are streaming services with specific features and movies. If you only want to pay for one streaming service, you have a big question ahead of you; Do you go with Hulu or Netflix?

Both Netflix and Hulu offer a 30-day free trial on all plans. After the free trial,  a monthly fee kicks in.  Hulus' basic plan cost a bit low per month; about $6 per month. In exchange for the low cost you have to put up with some advertisement throughout T.V shows and movies. If you do not want any commercial interruptions while streaming, hulus has a higher-paid plan per month and with both basic and the higher-paid plans you can stream in HD and 4K Ultra HD on up to two screens at a time.

With Netflix, a single stream in standard definition will cost you about $9 a month. It will cost you around $13 a month to upgrade to High Definition streaming with two screens. However, if HD plan is not enough for you Neflix also has Ultra HD plan with four (4)  simultaneous streams at about $16 per month. Unlike Hulu, all netflix plans have the  bonus of being ad free. Netflix Versus Hulu; the choice is yours.

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